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Red Marqueza

Official Selection Smartfilms Festival of Films Made with Cell Phones 2023

Documentary - Biographical - Musical - 7 Minutes

Production Company - La Ventanart

Co-Producers - Totumo Seco

Director DOP - Álvaro J. Caviedes

Producer - Marcia Martinez Roldán

Still Photographer - Camilo Herrero

Music Producer - Daniel Araujo

Original Music - Marqueza Mercado and Son de La Provincia

Sound Effects - Daniel Araujo

Sound Mixing - Tariq Burney / Imán Music

Color Grading - Sergio Cañón / Moonlight Colors

Music Coach - Pio Molina

Bogotá - 2023

"Red Marqueza" is a short documentary that follows traditional music composer Marqueza Mercado during her morning commute to work. Marqueza, originally from Cordoba, reveals that Transmilenio has become more than just a mode of transportation in her daily life; it has become a profound source of inspiration for her songwriting, where she shares her stories and testimonies. During her lengthy journey across Bogotá, Marqueza identifies with those traveling alongside her, engaging in conversations, and sharing her warm presence, poetic beauty, and the Gaita spirit that accompanies her everywhere.

Rojo Marqueza

Rojo Marqueza

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Categoría_Transv_TM_cv_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png

SCHEDULE & summary 2023

DEC 2022


The Totumo Seco Collective conducted the recordings for the Resistance Sonora project alongside Marqueza Mercado in Bogotá. The songs are currently in the process of mixing and mastering in New York City under the record label "Name You Can Trust," which will also produce the full-length album for the project.


MARCH 2023


The Totumo Seco Collective was a recipient of the "Artifices" Scholarship for Training in Artistic and Cultural Management, awarded by Idartes and the El Eje Creativo Collective. Within the framework of these workshops, the first version of the film's dossier and script was shared.

JunE 2023

Notes of Peace

The composition "Sueños en la Ciudad" was selected in the "Notas de Paz" call for it to be recorded by Mambo Negro Records and published on the album associated with the call. This grant was awarded by the National University and Idartes. The song is a collaboration with the group "Son de la Provincia."


JulY 2023


Álvaro J. Caviedes, the director of "Negro es mi Color," was part of the selection in the Bammers category at BAM 2023. He participated in the training workshops, events, and business meetings of the market. The documentary project received an award and was granted a partial scholarship by Congo Film School to continue its training and project strengthening journey.



The production of "Rojo Marqueza" was carried out with the purpose of presenting the story and profile of Marqueza Mercado through a daily portrait during her morning journeys on the "Transmilenio" public transportation system, which is one of the central and narrative axes of the documentary "Negro es mi Color." The short film was selected in the Smartfilms 2023 festival and won the "Best Poster Market Medios" award.

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A research trip was made visiting the municipalities of Ovejas and Los Cordobas. Marqueza received an honorable mention for her journey and great work in the promotion of gaita music at the National Gaita Festival Francisco Llirene in Ovejas. With the support of the Los Cordobas City Hall, Marqueza visited her homeland for the first time in 20 years, where she reunited with loved ones, dear friends, and cultural advocates with the intention of adding her vote and contributing her voice to the culture and recognition of the region.


Festival OF Gaitas a la capital

The final stop of this great year of work, growth, and fulfilled dreams will take place at the Festival de Gaitas a la Capital on December 15th. Marqueza will perform alongside the musicians, groups, and artists who have accompanied and inspired her on her journey.



In the upcoming year, our production team is preparing for the completion of the filming and the start of the post-production phase of the documentary "Negro es mi Color."

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