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La Ventanart® is a Colombian startup on the path to becoming a platform for creation, knowledge, and connection among artists, managers, and organizations, with a commitment to impact and innovation. Our goal is to contribute to the consolidation of a more equitable artistic and cultural environment.


Traditional forms and uses of art, juxtaposed with technological avant-garde, will continue to serve as a borderless means of expression and identity. They are also the starting point for developing tools and languages that drive personal transformation and the evolution of our industries.


Our focus lies in the development and production of cinematic works, artistic proposals, and digital content tailored to various formats, audiences, and exhibition platforms.


The profound commitment behind each piece is to broaden the participation and sensitivity of new audiences. We aim to empower emerging voices and narratives, contributing to and strengthening culture through productions capable of stirring emotions and instigating positive change for the world of tomorrow through art.


Audiovisual Production


  • Direction

  • Cinematography

  • Still Photography

  • Editing

  • Color Grading


Creative Writing 


  • Field Research

  • Script Consultation

  • Treatment Development


Content Creation


  • Art & Music EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

  • Informative and Institutional Documentaries

  • Photographic Campaigns

  • Editorial Campaigns

  • Coverage of Cultural and Artistic Events

  • Interviews and Podcasts

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  • Youtube LAV
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